We took a lot of measures to make MYCDD safe and secure. Here are a some of them.

Cyber Essentials Certified

We are proud to be Cyber Essentials certified, a great start to protecting your documents against cyber threat.

MYCDD certification

HTTPS protocol

All internet traffic is forced into https, using SSL.

Two-factor authentication

MYCDD uses two-factor authentication to ensure access to documents is secure.


A bespoke service to reduce brute force attacks to your login.

256 bit encryption

All communications to our APIs are made with 256 bit encrypted Tokens.

Regular "Pen" tests

Engaged with Prism Infosec Ltd, a CREST & CHECK cyber security company, who have worked with us from the start to make sure that our approach and security posture is aligned to the best standards.

Microsoft Landing Zone

Newest and best recommendation by Microsoft Azure, has been implemented to make sure that our infrastructure is governed with bespoke policies, and following Microsoft best practice, reducing risk.

Additional Azure Security

Additional Azure security modules are in place, including, but not limited to Applications gateway, for further peace of mind.


Now more than ever, unnecessary needs to hand deliver CDD documents is relevant. Stay safe with MYCDD, by sharing your CDD in our service.

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