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What the users say:

quick and easy
February 2021
Exactly what I have been looking for.
Finally - a vault for Due Diligence where I can safely store my documents and share with whoever needs them!
Andrew Colbert, Flashbay Ltd
very great performance
April 2021
My frustrations with KYC requests solved!
MYCDD has reduced how often companies request my due diligence documents by at least 75%. It is amazing.
Lydia Guillaume
able to share in minutes
March 2021
So easy and quick to use.
The web application on my phone is so intuitive and easy to use, it beats scanning and emailing any day.
James Nelson
keep your documents secure
April 2021
All my KYC documents shared via mobile!
Having the ability to update my expired utility bill or passport by taking a photo on my phone and automatically notify my subscribers – it’s genius. I love this service.
Charles Falcony, Biodynamic Life Limited

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MYCDD is packed with great features. Watch this short video to discover how it can reduce the frustration of providing Client Due Diligence documents.

Easy upload

Photograph your documents on a smartphone or tablet, then upload them to our secure global repository using our app. Click, click, done.

Click & share

Storing your Client Due Diligence documents in MYCDD means you can share your documents with anyone, from anywhere, at the click of a button.

Stay up to date

Automated reminders will prompt you to update expiring documents, then automatically notify relevant third parties when actioned.

virus free

Safely store your COVID certificate

Do you need to a place to readily share your COVID certificate for travel or business? There is no better way than to use MYCDD to securely store your certificate online, for free, allowing you to share it at no additional cost to anyone, at the click of button.

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